Let me start off by saying, “We all have storms in our lives and we always will”. How you handle your storms is what counts.

Do you listen to the Holy Spirit when He tells you how to handle your storms or do you rely on your own understanding?

Did you know that there are some storms you do not have to go through (if you can hear the Spirit talking to you)?  The Holy Spirit tells you when to move, possibly before some storms ever hit.

This is the reason it is so very important to be able to hear from God in your life, to walk in His Divine Will for your life, so that you may avoid some storms in life.

I know that I hear from the Holy Spirit all the time. I‘ve always heard the spirit’s voice. I did not know what I was hearing earlier in my life and where it was coming from. Sometimes I listened and sometimes I did not listen to that voice which came from so deep inside of me.

When I did not listen, I could look back at that those times and say, “I knew I shouldn’t have said those things to that person,” or “I shouldn’t have gone to that particular place”. I moved to fast on an issue and it didn’t work out like I’d hoped.  Sometimes I look back and say, “I should have spoken up more about a topic or a thought.” There were times when I should have just acted on the message given to me by the Holy Spirit.

The times I listened to that voice and I put action (faith) to what the voice was telling me to do, it turned out to be just what someone needed to hear at that time.

One time in the past, I was talking to God about a situation I was in and asking how to handle it. God had told me what to do but that was too hard for me to do, so I tried to find another way but asking God all the while about what should I do.

I went to church one Sunday and God had the Pastor say just what I needed to hear. However, it was still too hard to do.

Then God used this person to come right up to me and say I hear God telling me to tell you to move before the storm.  She said I do not know what that means.  She went on to say that, she was putting together a list of authors to write short stories, so it could be that He wanted me to writer. So I said OK and went on doing whatever.  I then wrote topics on what I wanted to write about.

About one month later the storm hit and my life and the people around me lives were turned upside down (with nowhere to go but to God).

I ran to God asking why! Why! Moreover, what should I do about it?   He told me I tried to tell you over and over what to do, but you did not listen.

He later said, “You will be alright and everyone around you will be alright, but this had to happen for you to understand that you are mine and when I speak to you, you must hear my voice, listen and act”.

God exclaimed, “I am answering your prayers on what to do about the children in your house”.

Now that the storm is over [for we do not stay in storms of life, as believers we pass through storms] I look back and say that it was the best thing that could have happened. Finally, as I look back into the storm I can see where God was with us even in my disobedience.

The storm was not about me, it was for my son to understand what God will do for him if he just believes.

God bless you


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