I Fought satan and Won! 


 I fought satan and won!  ‘Thanks be to God’.

It all started about the time I was getting a real understanding of who God was and why He sent Jesus to save us.

Understanding who Jesus was and the Holy Spirit helped me to understand who I was in Jesus.

As I was growing in my understanding of Jesus, I started learning His different names and that understanding of Him made my mission very clear.

God had His hand on my life back then and I just did not know as much about Him as I should’ve.  All I knew was God is real and if I believed in Jesus Christ, I could call on Him and He would answer. If I knocked the door would be opened, if I looked for Him I would find Him. Therefore, I went out on a hunt for Jesus.  Not just with what the Preacher or someone had said about Him but for personal knowledge.  I wanted to know Him like I knew myself.   I found Him standing there waiting on me to come to Him.   

Then one morning it happened. First, I will define this as a “dream” for you readers, but let me say I know the difference between a dream and when something is real.

Let me tell you from the onset that after I came out of this (“dream”) state; my room, the TV show that I was watching, my bed and what I was wearing were all the same. 

In the Bible there are many places where people have entered into a dream state as the angels talked to them or God showed them things that were happening right around them.

God gave me this “dream” as follows; 

I was fighting this man. He was trying to kill me.  He had broken into the house and he was in my bedroom with his hands around my neck. We were fighting on the floor along my bed. I took the light off my nightstand and hit him with it. I remember saying to myself in my dream, ‘You’d better really hit him hard, he is really trying to kill you’. So I hit him hard with the light and told him that I was a child of God. “You cannot hurt me”. Right then, he turned into a monster, looking like what I think satan look like.  We begin fighting again and I was trying to remember what my Pastor said.  My Pastor use to say, “Know the Word” so when you need it, it will come to you. However, all I could remember was “I am a child of the living God, you cannot hurt me”.  I pleaded the blood of Jesus over me by calling out to God.  I continued telling this man that statement repeatedly as we were fighting. And the more I said it the stronger the words came out. I believe it was because my faith became stronger. Then he turned into a pile of dust at the foot of my bed. There was a window over the head of my bed. I said to myself ‘If I try to put him (the dust) out the window, he will try taking me with him and he did try’.  As he was pulling me out of the window, I proclaimed again, “I am a child of God’s, I command you to let me go in the name of Jesus Christ”. Then the dust let go and flew away.

Afterwards, I had peace like no other. I never had that dream again.

I took authority over that situation in Jesus Name.

We all must learn to take our authority over every part of our lives in Jesus Name.                  

God Bless you


Send prayer requests to:

The Forerunner

P.O. Box 895

Dunedin, FL. 34697


If you would like more information on any topic, just write and say more and give the subject.

 I write God’s message with sincerity and with Christ’s authority and I know  that the God who sent me is watching me.


4 thoughts on “KNOW WHAT THE WORD SAYS

    • If you can explain to me, how you and all the things in this world were created so uniquely different and independently work with optimum efficiency (including you), then I will answer your questions. By the way Science is not the answer, it’s the study of…

      • First, there is no credible evidence that nature was created. Biology explains differences. Nothing in nature works with optimum efficiency… NOTHING. It is this kind of blanket asssertion without supporting evidence that believers ask to be explained but will not go to the effort to study these things of such importance to them on their own.

        The human body is FAR from perfect or optimally efficient. Many of us cannot consume the foods that our friends can. Our teeth used to be the major cause of death. We can’t eat and breathe at the same time. Let’s not even talk about how poorly the storage systems are designed… without daily/regular ingestion of certain metals we will completely lose it. We can’t go long without water or food. We suffer badly if we are deprived of daily sleep. Kim Peak could memorize entire phone books but you and I often can’t remember where we parked the car.

        Not one thing in nature is optimally efficient and there is zero evidence for anything outside of nature.

        I’ve answered your questions… now it’s your turn.

      • Thanks for your response, NeitherNature’s Origins nor any other question have been answered here, only an attempt to explain. Yes, you do acknowledge the differences but No knowledge/belief on how it came about. We believers know that the only perfect human to come to earth was Jesus Christ and we know the evidence of the weakness of the flesh. Optimum does not mean perfect but the best or most favorable for growth and reproduction. Efficiency is the ability to produce a desired effect with minimum waste or effort. For answers to your questions, please read my blog on “On Who’s Authority?” This clearly explains my authority. Also, read the book of Jude in the bible. This book helps believers understand what is going on when men speak only from their instinct (Nature).

        The Forerunner /Rita Cole

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