Jesus says, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them and they follow Me. I walk ahead of them and they follow Me because they recognize My voice, they will not follow a stranger, they will run from him because they don’t recognize his voice.”

If you read back in John 10:11 Jesus tells us “He is the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep.”                                                                                                                                                         In reading Proverbs 27:23 you read, “Be diligent to know the faces of your flocks and attend to your herds. I used the original Hebrew translation [FACE] here. If you are reading a King James Version, it translates to “state” and another Bible translation means, “condition”.

To get a good understanding of what Jesus was saying to us when He said, “My sheep know My voice and they follow Me.” I had to do some research on shepherds and sheep.

How do sheep know their shepherd’s voice? Why will they follow him?  When we read in John, Jesus tells us that, “His sheep only follow Him.” Because we don’t herd anymore we have a harder time understanding how sheep act and react to their shepherd.

Once I understood about shepherds and sheep, it all came together for me.

A shepherd spends all his time with the sheep. He leads them to feed and to get water; he brings them to greener and greener fields, every day back and forth.  He sleeps in front of them so that no sheep can get out and no wolf can get in, without him knowing about it. Sheep do not live in gated areas and are free to roam. They just don’t leave until the shepherd leads the way.  When a wolf comes around, the sheep run towards the shepherd.

The wolf will come. You can count on that!  (Satan will show up.) The wolf comes by night to steal, kill, and destroy. The Bible tells us, the enemy (Satan) comes by night to steal, kill, and destroy.

Did you know that sheep are snow-white only at birth and right after shearing?

Let’s think about that?

At birth, right before the world (dirt) can get on them and change their color they are snow-white. Jesus lets us know that underneath all that dirt sheep are as white as snow. Shearing is when you cut away the wool from the sheep; you also cut away dirt thereby turning them white as snow. Sheep have wool, not hair, so they need to be sheared each year. Without shearing, they would suffer terribly in the heat of this world.

Jesus lets us know that by his blood we can be washed (sheared) and turned as “white as snow”. Without His cleansing, we would suffer terribly from the sins (dirt/heat) of this world. The blood of Jesus shears us and our sins are washed away (worldly dirt). Therefore, when you plead the blood of Jesus over someone you are washing him or her “white as snow”. Amen


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