God has given us all a measure of faith.  How much faith we have can be measured by; how we move on our faith, how we talk, or by the things we do.

If God has told you do something, do you do what He says? If God has told you to say something to a person, would you say those things to that person?

How many times in our lives has God wanted to use us, but our faith was not strong enough. He knew that we would not act on whatever He was telling us to do or say, so He could not use us.

God uses us for His good, to show people His love and kindness.

We as believers have to be open to let Him use us. We have to have enough faith to move on what God is telling us.  Most of the time it is not about you or for you, you are just the instrument which God uses.  However, when God uses you for His will, it feels so good you may think it was all for you.

Once, I applied for a job at a place where everyone around me told me not to go. However, something in me kept saying to go. I eventually got the position. When I began working there, I too wondered what my purpose was. I would ask God “Is this right-this place?”  I knew that the Holy Spirit had told me to go and get a job there. He knew I would be there for someone else.  I did not know that at the time. I had to have enough faith to trust in Him, that whatever the reason was that He had me there-I was in His will.

After entering the place and being there for a day or two, I felt I had to be in the wrong place. I had to keep telling myself that my faith is strong and telling God that I trust Him.

One day at work, I was talking to this woman and she was going on and on about the things that were wrong in her life. I told her about Jesus and for the next two to three days that’s what we mostly talked about and she asked to be lead into the prayer of salvation. At that very moment, she gave her life over to God. After she turned her life over to God, I felt as though I had difficulty breathing in that place.  I had to get out! I had to leave, then!  My purpose for being there was over.

After sharing the salvation message, I suddenly realized my purpose for being there. I was in that particular place for someone else and I felt now that it was time for me to go. The Holy Spirit was telling me to leave. I immediately went into the office, packed up my things and walked out that very hour.  After leaving that place, my breathing pattern resumed to its normal rate. I had been only there for about two weeks before delivering the salvation message.

For me, after my breathing pattern changed, my reason for being there was now over.

In another situation, God cut by breathing somewhat to prompt me to say what He wanted me to say before a congregation.

God wants to know He can count on you to do what He is asking of you. Having faith that God cannot use is like having no faith at all.

Faith without works is dead. Listen for the Holy Spirit, and then act upon what He says to do. God will protect you and He will protect His word.

What is His sign to you to act upon His will with your faith?

God Bless You



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