About a year are two go, God give me a letter and I wrote part of it and stopped. The letter foretold of what’s going on now.

Nowadays, there is much talk about what scientist are discovering in the way of new earth-like planets and the many other planets assumed to be out there.

It seems like a good time to say publicly what God told me about UFO’S, other plants and such a couple of years ago.

In the Bible you find that God does not talk about other planets or people anywhere else except on earth. God tells us how we should live on this earth.  He tells us all about this earth. He never said that this is the only planet that He created and that we are the only kind of mankind found in the universe or Milky Way.

As a matter of fact: God talks, about spirits that are right here on this earth with us. The ones we cannot see, the ones we do not want to talk about.  The ones most of us do not believe exist. Like “Satan” and his demonic angels.

We cannot rap our minds around that, so why do we think God could tell us about other planets or other civilizations.

So, do not be so surprised if we find out that there may be other planets and other mankind in the universe.

Note that Jesus told his disciples, “There are many things I would like to tell you but you would not be able to comprehend them now.”

What we really need to understand is how God wants us to live on this earth. He wants us to have life more abundant in this world.

I have nothing against going out to search for what is out there in space.  I do not understand why. Curiosity I guess.

I guess what we are going to do is find a planet, with our divine knowledge that we are the only ones able to do so. We will then, kill them in trying to understand them or try to teach them our ways. Because only we have it right. All the while we are corrupt, selfish and disobedient.

We do not know how we exist or what makes the grass-green and the sky blue, but we won’t accept the only truth we have to keep looking for something else . God is the truth and the light.

Instead we must go out and prove ourselves wrong.  For me, belief in God’s Word is enough. So go out there and try to prove the Bible is wrong and you are right.

Every time man goes out in search of what he calls the truth, the more he has to say that the Bible is right.

God bless the man who believes without seeing.

God Bless You


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