(TO YOUNG CHILDREN)

Explaining Christmas to young children for parents (in America) can be difficult.

You are trying very hard to let your child enjoy the season but not lose focus on what the season is really about. And that is the birth of Jesus.

How do you explain the toys and the tree? And we won’t even start the talk about Santa Claus!

One way I’ve found to work, when my children were young, was to have a birthday party for Jesus.  Children truly understand birthday parties.

I would buy or make a cake that said, “Happy Birthday Jesus”.  Immediately after Christmas dinner, we would have a birthday party.

Many days before then, we would be getting ready for the big day – getting ready for the party.

I would tell them that Jesus loves them so much that He asked Santa Claus to bring them the toys that they asked for. And that Jesus received gifts when he was a baby but now all He wants from us is to love Him as He shares His love for the world.

The Christmas tree would be part of the dedication with all its lights and ornaments.

Even though we celebrate Christmas during the cold month of December, it was warm in the country where Jesus was born. Jesus was born in a warmer part of the world.  He was not lying in a cold manger as some may have thought.

We would then continue decorating and cooking for the party.  It would be a big party with everyone everywhere celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Jesus loves the whole world and we love Him because He first loved us.

Some people call it Christmas. Some call it a Christmas party but we call it “Jesus’ Birthday Party (The Holy Day).

God Bless You




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