One of God’s promises to us is that He will open the windows of heaven for those who believe, trust, rely, and depend on Him.
We hear all the time about Malachi 3:8-10. Every church and every Preacher tells us about bringing our tithes into the storehouse so God will open the windows of heaven for us.
They do not tell us what was said before that or after that (in scripture), which is very important for you and I to know.
I am going to summarize what God is saying to us in this chapter of Malachi.
The people had turned away from God. They did not do what God had asked of them. God gave a warning to the Priests.
He told them that they had not kept His ways but had shown favoritism to persons in their administration. The Lord then asked the question, “Have we not all one Father? Have not one God created us? Why then do we deal faithlessly and treacherously each against his brother, while saying it’s not connected to religion and you are the Priest”. He also tells them what Priest should do. “The Priest’s lips should guard and keep pure the knowledge [of my ways], and the people should seek instruction at his mouth; for he is the messenger of the Lord of Hosts”.
Then God speaks to the men who come to the altar with tears, crying and asking why don’t God answerer their prayers. He tells them “that they have disrespected and divorced their wives; some have married women who don’t believe in God”. The Lord told them that He was a witness to their marriage and their wife is a companion and God made them one (flesh). Did not the Lord make you and preserve you as one spirit? And why [did God make you one]? He sought a godly offspring [from your union]. He told them that He hates divorce.
He tells them that He has sent a messenger and he shall prepare the way before Me. (God is giving them away out)
Return to me and I will return to you and do what is right before the Lord. Then He will open the windows of heaven. He will rebuke the devourer for your sakes. Read the book of Malachi; it is only four chapters long. Get a good understanding of why God said, He opens the windows of heaven.
God open the windows of heaven throughout the Bible, for different reasons for different people.
In Genesis, He opens the windows of heaven and let the rain come down, and then He closes them up again. It was not just rain that flooded the earth. God broken up the land that held the oceans, seas, and the rivers. [Genesis 7:11, 8:2]
In the 28th chapter of Genesis, God opened a window of heaven and Jacob saw the angels ascending and descending.
King Solomon one of the richest men in bible history; even today, if you would count his money, he would still be one of the world’s richest men. God opened the windows of heaven for King Solomon.
What made God open the windows of heaven?
In Genesis God made the rain come down because the people were so wicked and that their every intent and thought of man’s heart was only evil. Man was so wicked that God was sorry that He had made man. So He opened the windows of heaven and the rain came down.
Noah walked with God and found grace with God. God had Noah build a boat for him and his family.
Jacob was a man that loved the Lord and found grace with God.
God opened a window for Jacob to see the angels and give Jacob the strength to go on.
God opens the windows of heaven to destroy things He does not like and to bless the people who find grace with Him.
When God suddenly, supernaturally moves in our situation is when He has opened a window of Heaven for us.
Miracles can be explained away (why scientifically something occur) but the timing of when it happens cannot.
In the book of Malachi is not the only time God opens the windows of Heaven. He does not mean only with tithes (money) and offerings. He will open the windows in every aspect of your life.
We must trust, rely, depend, and believe only on Him, always seeing God as our source for our healing, joy, finances, our “way maker” and for everything, we need.
Ground yourself in God’s promises and God will bless you. Remember God reads your heart. God will open the “Windows of Heaven” for you.
Some of God’s promises to remember:
Psalm 34:10, Psalm 84:11, and Philippians 4:19
The Lord is “Jehovah-Jireh” which means, The Lord will provide.
I pray that God will open the windows of heaven for every person that calls upon His name in the year 2014; to show the world that He is real.
God bless the man that believes without seeing.


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