We all are doing things that are good. We are helping the needy, feeding the poor, giving our time to the sick.
We are doing so much that we cannot find time in our day/week to do anytime else. We go to church ever Sunday and some of us go during the week. We are learning about God’s Word, what Jesus said, and what the disciples did.
The church is telling you that what you are doing is good; this is what Jesus wants you to do. They are right; it is what some of us should be doing. But not all of us; only the one’s He has call to do that work.
It is one job Jesus has called all of us to do, and that is to stop and listen.
Stop talking, stop preaching, stop moving, just come and set at His feet and listen.
Let Him teach you, let Him talk to you, let Him tell you when and where He wants you to go, what He wants you to do this day. He tells us day by day, “I will give you your daily bread”. “I will give you the Word”.
Do not get so busy that you do not have the time to set at Jesus’ feet and listen. Do not get so concerned about time and whether or not we have enough to get all the things done. Saying things like;”There is not enough help, “all these people need to be feed,” “I have a meeting at church today”, or “I must go by and see Sister Jones because she is ill”.
When Jesus Himself is talking to you and you hear Him, that soft voice in your ear telling you to stop-Jesus will not stop you. He will not make you listen to Him. He will not make you do anything against your will.
Luck 10:38-42, the story is about two sisters Martha and Mary. [I’ll paraphrase a little here.] Jesus and His disciples have come for dinner; try to put yourself in their place. What would you do if Jesus was at your house for dinner? Martha was running around (can you see her). She is setting the table, pulling out the best plates, and there is nothing to drink. She stopped and thought about a center-piece for the table but there was no time to get it. Then she wanted to know where Mary was and why she was not helping. Martha needed someone to go the store (Wal-Mart) to get drinks. Martha was so busy. It was a good thing she was doing after all she had Jesus Himself at her table and about fifteen other Godly men there. Right?
Martha wanted to get them fed and they would talk afterwards. She wanted Mary to help her, she wanted Mary to stop listening to Jesus and come and help her in the kitchen. Martha believed that she was right in what she wanted; she was doing a good thing, so she went to Jesus with her complaints. She asked, “Do you not care that Mary has left me to serve alone?”
Listen what Jesus said to her: “Martha, Martha you are so worried and troubled about many things,” but the one thing you should be worried about Mary has found out what it is and I will not stop her from doing it.”
What Mary found out was that sitting at the feet of Jesus and LISTENING was the best thing to do.
If you stop and sit at the feet of Jesus before you move out to do anything, The Holy Spirit will make time for you. The Holy Spirit will give you the time you need to do all those things with ease.
He tells us: “Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
Just put Him first.

God Bless You,
The Forerunner


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