My friends, I remember looking at this movie one day. It told the story of a man who wanted to become a doctor. Not just any doctor but a doctor that makes his patient laughs as part of their treatment.
This movie was based on a true story.
The first year medical student was breaking the rules passed down through the years. He was told that doctors are to treat the illness not the person. Doctors were to have their patients lie in bed, with no noise or movement and wait until they (the doctor) did their thing to heal them.
The lead doctor (the teacher) could not accept the young doctor’s ideas. The teacher told him that this is the way it has been done for years and the training come from some of the best minds in the field.
This one-year medical student could not come in and change things that his father, grandfather and his great grandfather before him were doing. The young doctor just didn’t know enough.
The teacher couldn’t see what the young doctor could see. The young doctor was looking through new eyes and peering deeply into the spirit of the patient. He showed love and compassion.
I compare it to what some churches are doing today.
The people (patients) come into the church (hospital) and sit there and the Pastor (doctor) tells the church what they think people need to hear. They cannot move or laugh unless asked to. You are just sitting there listening to the Preacher beat you down.
The Pastor is not letting the Spirit of God move over the people. The Spirit gives them what they need to get well. The Pastor has an agenda-on what he wants to say. His teacher has told him, “This is how it is done. You write it down on paper the night before. Whether or not the Spirit shows up; you keep going with the paper.”
Actually, you walk out of church sicker than you were before you went in. You just keep going back each time because you think it’ll get better someday.
If some Pastors would let the Spirit of God move in the church, the Spirit can touch people and they would be healed.
Each day, when I look at a movie or anything in life, I ask the Holy Spirit to teach me what I should learn through this experience. We do nothing without Him knowing. If you listen to that still voice in your head, He will tell you what movie to pick out at the store. This is how much He loves us.
The Word is the Spirit of God. This is what drew people to Jesus and His disciples. The Spirit of God is released through His Word.
If you just read your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you, He will show you how Jesus is laughter, happiness, peace, love, and joy.
Let’s break the mold! We have it all wrong!
Go to church, and laugh with joy and do not let anyone stop you.
The movie ended with the young doctor, starting the first hospital where doctors treat the whole patient. They found that laughter helps the patients heal faster.
I am singing, dancing and praising my God for what breaking tradition (rules) really mean.
God Bless You


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