are you hitting the OCT2014ARE YOU STILL HITTING THE ROCK?

There are two places in the Bible where Moses hit the rock.
The first time Moses hit the rock God told Him to do so. [Exodus 17]
Reading in Exodus, the children of Israel were always complaining.
They complained to Moses when they thought Pharaoh was coming up behind them at the Red Sea. They cross the Red Sea on dry land.
They complained that there was no food to eat. God gave them Manna to eat.
They complained that there was no meat to eat. God gave them meat.
They complained that there was no water to drink. God told Moses to go and take with him the leaders of the camps along with his rod before the people to the rock and that He(God) would stand in front of him on the rock. God’s words to Moses were,“Hit the rock” and water flowed out. God had Moses to bring the leaders with him so that they would be a witness for the people to God miracles.
David called God his rock in 2 Samuel and in Psalms 31. Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16, “That on this rock I will build My church”. Peter’s name in the Greek means rock. The Old Testament paints a picture of Jesus.
The rock that Moses hits represents Jesus, and the outflow of blessings came, which was represented by water. [Whatever you need]
As you read on in Numbers the 20th chapter, the people were still complaining to Moses and Aaron his brother, who by this time God has made high Priest.
God told Moses and Aaron to gather the people together before the rock. Moses was supposed to speak to the rock and water would flow out for the people and their animals. But Moses was so upset with the people, who complained all the time, in anger he hit the rock.
Then God spoke to Moses saying, “Because you did not believe Me, to demonstrate My holiness to the people you will not enter into the land I am giving.
What God, at this time, was trying to show the people that blessings were already flowing and all they had to do was speak to the rock.
Jesus came to give the world salvation. All we have to do is believe in Him.
Speak to your rock. Jesus tells us whatever we ask that our Father will do for the ones that believe in Him.
Do not just stand there beating that rock. It cannot give you no more than what’s giving right now.
Just believe. Faith without works is dead. Your job is to believe and then speak to your rock.
[When God suddenly and supernaturally moves in our situation, He has opened the windows of Heaven for us. Miracles can be explained away but the perfect timing of miracles cannot.]
God Bless You


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