Touched By Love

My little children listen to me; put your ears close to where you can hear my voice.

Our Father is love.  He made all things and all people because of the love He has inside of Him.

You were not a mistake; you were not a one-night stand.  Do not let anyone make you feel you should not be here.

You are here because our Father loves you; He has a plan for your life. You must trust Him.

Love touched you before you could feel what a touch was, before you knew what love was, and before you were born.

When you trust, rely, and depend on the Father, He will bring you to the banquet house, and His banner over you is love.

The Father created the Garden of Eden for His children to grow, to love, and to live in a place of peace. This is how much He loves His children.

Satan entered man and turn things around.

The Father pleaded with man to repent and return to Him. He is still asking His children to repent.

He loves us so much that He gave us the free will to love Him and repent or to be lost forever.

Jesus said: “The Father does not want Me to lose any of the children He has given Me.”

However, He will let you go if you choose not to repent.

Repent – to turn around, to turn ones thinking around, to feel sorry for ones wrongdoing.

We have a God that will forgive you no matter what it is. All you have to do is ask Him. (Repent, and then ask Him to come into your life and live inside of you.)

There is freedom in our Father’s house. You have sisters and brothers who will love and forgive you because our Father loves and forgives you.  Welcome.

Written by the Forerunner

I write Gods message with sincerity and with Christ’s authority and knowledge that the God who called me is watching me.


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