Do not let satan stop you with fear. Fear is what satan has and he gives it away freely.
You must understand that fear is the root to all that we do, right or wrong.
We go to school and study hard out of fear from our parents. We work very hard for fear of not having enough money, not having enough food, not having a big car or a big house. We fear failure.
We fear of what others may say about us. We fear of letting someone down even ourselves.
Out of that fear comes, disappointments and sadness. Out of that comes anger and out of anger comes – hatred, judgment, and jealousy. Out of jealousy comes violence.
Remember that the Lord our God has not given us a Spirit of fear.”
Therefore, who has put that fear in us? A fear that is so strong and so deep we ourselves cannot ignore it. It covers us and stays with us day and night.
Satan has put his fear in us to stop us from being close to God’s Holiness.
Satan’s fear is that he is losing the fight here on earth, as he has lost in heaven.
There is one place in the Bible that Jesus tells us to fear, Hebrews 4, “to fear we do not enter into His rest.”
Be bold in Christ. Let the Holy Spirit lead you in all our ways.
The Bible tells us to be bold when we give the Word – knowing that the Holy Spirit is within us.
Do not let satan stop you from doing what God has called you to do.
Satan will put fear in us to stop us. He does it to stop us from speaking God’s Word, doing God’s will, or anything that will give God the glory. Everything that is good comes from God, so satan tries to stop it anyway he can – mainly through fear.
Remember that our God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love, and of a sound mind. [2 Timothy 1:7]
Stand Boldly on the Word of God. Do not be fearful or ashamed to give your testimony of God’s goodness.

God Bless You





Yes, I heard that nothing happened in September, as to what was said.  However, you must remember that it was/is a wanting. Do not hold onto dates/months and miss the most important thing the wanting. However, I don’t think God ever gave a date.

Reading in Genesis, the flood came only because the people were so wicked and the intent of the thoughts of their hearts was only of evil. God reads your heart.

The people did not think of themselves as being evil. They were just living their lives.

I think we are living in the days of Noah, during the days of the rain, before the flood came, when Noah was warning the people.

If you read your Bible, you read that, it had not rain before the flood. Therefore, people had no idea what Noah was talking about when he said waters would fall from the heaven.

God told Noah to make a boat. God gave Noah the understanding of what wood to use and size of the boat. He told him what and who would go into the boat.

It rained for days and weeks before the water covered the earth. Noah was preaching to the people repent, change your ways but people keep marrying and dancing.

I have a prayer group every Wednesday  and when I told them about the warning, some of them stop coming. They said, “we’ll be back after it’s all over.” I just smiled and said OK.

I would prefer them to tell me nothing happened, than have them tell me I did not warn them.

You might be like them looking for something BIG to happen, but remember that many little things can make something BIG happen. Once the BIG thing happens, it is too late for you to do anything about it that is why you have a warning.

It is like driving your car. The warning light comes on to give you time to get it looked at before something BIG happens. You can drive you car for months with the warning light on but when time is up, it is too late to do anything about it. Your car has stopped and now you are on the side of the road with your cell phone battery dead.

Now you are trying to understand why you did not do something when the warning light first came on. You kept driving (the people kept marrying and dancing).

If you have given your life over to God out of fear, of what could have happened in September don’t think of it as a waste of time; keep pressing in. It may be just what you have needed. Something to get your attention.

You have been warned.

God Bless You