right now God 11DO YOU HAVE A NOW FAITH?
God is a now God! His name is “I AM,” not “I will someday.”
Throughout the Bible God and Jesus tells and shows us how They did things right then, on the spot, not tomorrow.
Where did we get the ideal that we should be asking in prayer for healing tomorrow, break-through by Monday, or prosperity someday? God will back His Word and the Word says, “Whatever you ask and believe you have, you will receive.” It also says, whatever you say you will have.
So now, what are you saying? On the other hand, what are you asking for? Moreover, when are you asking for it, whenever God decides to give it to you? I know! You are being patient and standing your ground for someday, it will happen.
Have you ever thought that maybe God has answered you and the answer is not what you wanted to hear?
It is not that God is delaying in answering you. It is you, who are delaying receiving. Whenever your prayers are delayed then, look within yourself, to see what area(s) you need to grow. Ask God to help you build your faith up so you will have a righteous and purified heart to receive your answer.
I write God’s message with sincerity and with Christ’s authority and knowledge that the God who called me is watching me.
Reading Psalm: 118 David tells us how he called on the Lord in distress; and “The Lord answered me and set me in a broad place.”
In Luke 18:34-43, it was that a blind man sat by the road begging. He hearing that a multitude was passing by, he asked what it meant. They told him that Jesus was passing by and he started crying out in a loud voice, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” The people around him wanted him to be quiet, but this man knew that if he wanted to see he would have to ask Jesus.
He did not let them stop him. Jesus stopped and asked him saying, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man said, he wanted to see, Jesus said, “Receive your sight; your faith has made you well.”
The man did not say that one day I want to see. Jesus did not tell him that He would heal him when He comes back through.
The blind man asks to see right then and Jesus healed him right then.
Expect God to do it now, today. We do serve a right now God.
Be bold and ask for what you want today. Get out of your comfort zone of asking one-day make me well.
I write God’s message with sincerity and with Christ’s authority and knowledge that the God who called me is watching me.
It is up to you when you will receive your knowledge, that God is a RIGHT NOW God.
Your faith, your words is what makes God move.
God Bless You.

I write God’s message with sincerity and with Christ’s authority and knowledge that the God who called me is watching me.




                                    COMING OFF THE CROSS INTO VICTORY

 Jesus tells us that He has overcome the world.

Have you ever thought of what that really means?

What He is telling us is, anything in this world that we will face, He has all ready defeated.

When Jesus was on the cross, God saw all of us in Jesus that day. All of our sickness, our iniquities, our transgressions, and our sins of that day and days to come were on Him.

Therefore, when God looks down on the world and the people in it, He sees the righteousness of Jesus on us.

That is why we can say today that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

In what we call, The Old Testament we read where the tabernacle (God’s house) always was in front of the people as they moved around. God led the way.

Now in what we call The New Testament we read where Jesus led the people while He was in the world.

However, when He left the world He sent back His Spirit to live around us, through us, and in us.

Jesus defeated everything in this world; even death. He came out of the grave, ascended into heaven, and is seated on the right hand of the Father.

Jesus defeated the world and now He lives in us and we are victorious because He lives in us.

We walked away from the cross in VICTORY, with the defeated cross behind us. We walked into the VICTORIOUS plans that God our Father has for us, in this world.

Once you understand how much God and Jesus love you, you will find that the love you have for them cannot even come close.

I do understand how you came to believe that the cross is where Jesus is or that the cross is still in front of us. People tell you, to lay everything down at the foot of the cross but Jesus tells us we can come boldly to the throne of God and lay our burdens down there so, we will find grace to help in time of need.

When He came off the cross, we did too.  He went to heaven and we walked into victory.

Jesus is no longer on the cross.  He came off the cross.  He is sitting at the right hand of the throne in heaven.

God is on His throne with Jesus at His right hand. Gods’ throne is in heaven. No more, cross to bear.

Understand that the King James Bible is a very good Bible although; it is not the original Bible. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and The New Testament was written in Greek. Therefore, in translating of some verses into English, some translations were lost and it makes the verses read different which means you will get a different understanding.

God Bless You