WE ARE ALL CALLED                                           WE ARE ALL CALLED

 We were all called to continue the work of Jesus when He walked on the earth.

We all have our part to play. No one’s part is greater than the next.

That makes no one person greater than the other.

If you are a tiller of the ground, your job is to take that dry ground and work it.  We must un-cover the good in a person and taking away all the weeds (sin).

You do that by talking to a person and as they tell you who they are not you tell them who they are in Christ. As they say what they cannot do, you tell them what they can do through Christ. You are working the ground. It takes time; you are not likely to see the results.  Nevertheless, you are doing it for the love of God’s people.

If you are watering the ground, you are softening the ground.  You are touching the heart of a person with your words. You are changing the way they look at things.  Sometimes a farmer has to take the dirt into his hands and smooth it out a little. Sometimes you might have to take a person by the hand, and help them walk through the dry ground where the tiller has been. Remembering that with patience and understanding love will prevail.

If you are a seed planter, most of your work has been done. The ground has been tilled and watered and now it is soft and ready for the seed to be put in.

Just drop the seeds as you go by and cover them with love.

As the flowers grow, they become mature and they drop their seeds. You may see the full-grown flower or not.

What is important is that they are out there. Moreover, if no one knows, God knows what you did.

What the churches of today should understand is that they should let the people go!

So that they can till the ground, water the land and plant the seeds. Let us continue the work of Jesus.

God Bless You

I write God’s message with sincerity and with Christ’s authority and knowledge that the God who called me is watching me.


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