I would like thank everyone who has joined with me to help get the Word of God to His people.
I take no credit for the words I write. The Holy Spirit guides me through it all.
I would never have though of myself as an author or a writer.
I heard from the Holy Spirit one day and begin to write by first book. At first, it was one long paragraph. I did not know that it was a book at first. My husband, who is a principle/teacher, started to read my paper and begin editing it and said to me, “You have a book; this is a book that God have given you.”
After that initial writing, other books started to flow. How each book should come together, became clear as well.
I was designing a cover for the first book, when my husband came in one day and said, “I have your cover design.” He said that, the design appeared in front of his face as he was driving home from work.
Now he is my editor and designer for the book covers.
God knew what He was doing 38 years ago, when He joined us together.
Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors.

God Bless you,
The Forerunner


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